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IMF is a 501(c)3 organization that supports innovative, regionally based music programs and events that foster education, empowerment, expression and appreciation for children of all ages.

Music does matter, especially for kids. Many studies validate Infinite Music Foundation's mission that music is magical in it's ability to teach and reach, enhancing learning, and building enduring social skills. Today's music and arts program are receiving less emphasis in school curriculums, especially in primary grades, and children are losing out. Infinite Music Foundation is dedicated to providing kids, especially those who have limited or no exposure to musical arts, the opportunity to experience music—whether as a learned listener or a learned performer.

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About Robyn Brancart

Robyn Brancart lost his spirited fight with ALS, a degenerative motor neuron disease, in February 2012. Throughout his life, music and education were his two key passions. Music was his constant companion. Thanks to parents who supported and encouraged music education, Robyn studied violin and saxophone in his youth, and by his teens, had developed an ear for self-instruction on piano and guitar. Robyn was a gifted singer and songwriter. He performed and toured in various music groups with his brothers from his teens to his mid-30s when he returned to school for his MBA, and a career in Training and Development. He used his music as a tool for collaboration and engagement as a Training Consultant and an Academic Dean. To Robyn, music provided a means for joyous expression and was a medium to foster empowerment, collaboration and common ground. It is through the Infinite Music Foundation that the spirit of Robyn’s musical legacy will help enrich lives, from exciting the curiosity of young children toward self-expression to building life skills like communication, creativity and cooperation. Music education and appreciation should be available to everyone—for life.

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Infinite Music Foundation is a tax-exempt public charity under section 501(c)(3). All donations are tax deductible. IMF supports innovative, regionally-based music programs that foster music education, empowerment, expression and appreciation for children of all ages.

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